Use of Lightweight Steel Roof Frames for Djabesmen Roofs
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Sales training for Djabesmen Business Partner in "Jabodetabek"

The quality of product is the most important factor in our product. Therefore, we always use the best raw material, doing quality control in all of our process production, managing our product distribution so that our product could be evenly distributed and be used all around Indonesia. In order to know more about our product and the right way to applicate it, we decided to held a training for our business partner’s salesperson at our factory located at Cikarang Timur, Bekasi, Indonesia on March 17th 2017 which attended by 30 salespersons from 20 of our business partner around Jabodetabek. As for the training material used in these training we taught them about the basic product knowledge of our product. Not only that, we had also gave them selling skill lesson in order to improve their ability to sell our products.

High enthusiasm was really shown by them when they came to our factory. Even on the last session of the lesson (Q&A session), the communication was really interactive between our lecturer and our business partner’s salesperson. We had also invited them to take a walk at our production line after the lunch session was ended. Moreover, we also demonstrated in front of them to make use of our product. Generally, when we had asked them to gave us some feedback about our training, the majority of them said it was really helpful and they felt really excited, where they could saw our production process and even applied what had been learned from the class. A lot of positive comments was given by them for us which could be helpful to improve our next sales training. Furthermore, they felt that these training had also enlightened them which really useful for them in order to explain to their clients.

These training was closed by having a feast with Mr. Latif Kusuma as the founder of Djabesmen in Jakarta. This opportunity didn't only intensify the relationship between Djabesmen and it’s business partner but also between the business partner themselves. We ensured that these type of training would be held for several times on this year, and we would invited all of our business partner representatives. Lastly we really hoped that by held a training like this, it could also ensure that our quality product could be well deliver from our business partners to our customers.

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