Important factors in choosing roof for your house
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Use of Lightweight Steel Roof Frames for Djabesmen Roofs

Nowadays, wood frames are no longer used as building materials, especially as house structures or roof frames. Wood is become an exclusive material because of its fewer availability. Hence, its price is rising along with the rise of demand out of its beauty. Consequently, the wood supply can’t meet its rising demand.

On the contrary, materials made from metal are preferred by the market. Besides being stronger, metals are also easier to maintain than woods. Metals also have many types according to their level of strength and function. Some of them are aluminum which is commonly used as a door & window frame, and lightweight steel which is widely used as a frame structure on the roof of a house.

The installation system for Djabesmen’s lightweight steel frame structures is basically similiar as other roof truss structures, but with a simpler system. Lightweight steel frames for fiber cement roofs consist of easel structures mounted with a maximum distance of 1200 mm, while the maximum distance for the frame installed is 700 mm. This measurement is recommended for the installation of fiber cement roof with a slope of 30 degrees.

Each pieces of fiber cement roof must be screwed to the steel frame, not only screwed to next pieces. The recommended distance between each pieces of the roof that needs to be nailed is about 100 mm from the end. The nail used is a drilling bolt which is drilled with the installation of a rubber seal between the bolt and the fiber cement roof

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