About Us

Since 1971, Djabesmen has produced various types and sizes of fiber cement roofing sheet with quality in accordance with SNI (Indonesian National Standard). With long experience as a manufacturer of building materials, we have gone through challenges which include: aspects of quality, procurement, service, distribution and good cooperation with distributors, in order to meet the increasing market demand.

Nowadays, the Djabesmen roof has been used throughout the country in various projects, even exported to many countries. We offer some of the most needed products for public buildings, namely: Djabes 6, Djabes 11, Djabes 14, and Djabes Genteng along with its accessories (Djabes Nock). Djabesmen roof is easy to install, provides high comfort, and is safe for use in all Indonesian climate conditions. Using the Djabesmen roof means you have chosen the most efficient roof in terms of price and durability.


Premium Awards

In 1983 PT Djabesmen has obtained “The IV International Trophy for Technology” a recognition to the quality of the fiber cement it produced. In addition, the Djabesmen brand has also received other awards, such as: “Top 250 Indonesia Original Brands”,and also always won the first place in the “Top Brand award from 2015 to 2021”award for the Fiber Cement roofing sheet category.