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PT Djabesmen - Since 1971 has been producing various shapes and sizes of fiber cement roofs with quality in accordance with SNI (Indonesian National Standard). With long experience as a manufacturer of building materials, we have gone through tests that include: in terms of quality, financing, services, distribution and patterns of cooperation with dealers, in order to meet the needs of the increasing market. Now, the roof of Djabesmen has been used in all corners of the country in various projects. It is even exported to various other countries.
We present several products that are widely used for a building in general, namely: Djabes 6 Big Waves, Djabes 11 and 14 Small Waves, Djabes Genteng, and Accessories including Nok equipment, Karpus and others. Djabesmen roof is easy to install, comfortable and safe to use in all Indonesian climatic conditions. Using a Djabesmen roof means that you have chosen a high-power and economical roof.


Developing Unique Projects
Djabesmen roofs have been used in all corners of the country in various projects. Some of them are projects for tourist areas, housing, lodging, places of worship, gas stations, coffee shops, and much more.
Prioritizing Functionality
Apart from being easy to install, Djabesmen products also provide a sense of comfort and safety when used in various Indonesian climatic conditions. By using a Djabesmen roof, it means that you have chosen a high quality, economical and functional roof.
Implementing a New Idea
Djabesmen has produced various shapes and sizes of fiber cement roofs, also developing their products to comply with SNI (Indonesian National Standard) quality standards.
Offering Innovative Technology
To meet the needs of various markets, Djabesmen roofs are produced with the latest and innovative technology, to produce high quality reliable products.
Has the Best Quality
With more than fifty years of experience, Djabesmen has gone through various tests covering quality, procurement, service, distribution, as well as patterns of cooperation with dealers, to provide the best according to market needs.

Milestone of 50 Years of the Djabesmen

Premium Awards
In 1983 PT Djabesmen has obtained "The IV International Trophy for Technology" for the award of the quality of the fiber cement it produces. In addition, the Djabesmen brand has also received other awards, such as: "Top 250 Indonesia Original Brands", and has always won first place in the Top Brand Award for the Fiber Cement Roof category, since the category was opened in 2015, until now.

Strong and Sturdy Roof Suitable For Any Type Building

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