To increasing market demand, Djabesmen Roof can be applied in all project models with various building designs and installation techniques.




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Fiber cement roofing is an excellent roof to protect the contents of your home. This high-quality roof has strong durability, low price, easy installation, and is suitable for any weather conditions.

There are 2 things that must be considered to choose a good fiber cement roof, namely: a) In terms of meeting the standards, a good fiber cement roof must be produced in accordance with the Indonesian National Standard / SNI. This can be seen from the SNI logo on each sheet. b) In terms of physical criteria, a good cement fiber roof has a slippery surface and uniform color, shape, and wave height.

Djabesmen fiber cement roofs have been consistently produced in accordance with Indonesian National Standards. Djabesmen roof also has a more uniform color, shape and wave height than other brands. The high uniformity of the waves makes the water easier to flow and more leak-resistant.

Djabesmen's fiber cement roof has a house-shaped logo that reads Djabesmen, SNI logo, and production code on each sheet. In addition, Djabesmen Fiber Roof has a slippery surface and a higher waveform than other brands.

Cracks in the product can be overcome by applying anti-rust paint to the product, while for small holes it can be patched by applying anti-rust fiber to the product.

First remove the retaining rubber on the nails, then cut the nails using a hacksaw. Nails that are directly pulled out using nail removal will result in the product becoming broken and cannot be reassembled.

There are 2 ways to color the roof of Djabesmen, which is colored when it is not installed and after it is installed. You can use any brand of paint that is commonly used to color the roof.
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